interested in joining STA?

STA membership is open to all MBA students enrolled at NYU Stern. To join, please sign up on CampusGroups.

STA organizes several events such as career development trainings and mentorship, tech week, industry panels, and networking opportunities. STA members enjoy discounted registration fees for various events, such as tech conferences. STA career development resources, including industry information decks and interview prep manuals, are only available to STA members. 


  • What resources does STA have to help me with recruiting?

STA helps its members through a few different programs. We host many knowledge management sessions that are focused specifically on target companies. We also have a mentor program to connect first-year students with MBA2s that share their future goals. During the winter break when MBA1s are recruiting for summer internships, the club organizes interview prep and mock interviews. Every week, we send out a newsletter which highlights various internship and full-time opportunities with both big companies and startups, which is another way to keep up-to-date with the opportunities you might be interested in.

  • Does STA help me network in the tech industry?

    Yes! We provide plenty of opportunities to network in the tech industry. Both STA and the Office of Career Development work to bring companies on campus, and host panels with alumni in target functions in the tech industry. Since we are in New York City, it is easy to connect with both Stern alumni and non-alumni leaders in the business industry. Stern’s student body is also a great place to expand your network- if you know of another student who interned at (or previously worked at) a company you are interested in, they are usually very receptive to grabbing coffee and sharing their experience. Also, we often offer subsidized tickets to big tech meet-ups, which is another great way to network.
  • What kind of events does STA organize?

    STA organizes a variety of events, with our largest being Stern Tech Week. For the conference, we organize events throughout the week, bringing in alumni in the industry, and prominent speakers. This is a great opportunity to learn about the dynamic tech industry in New York and connect with professionals working in your target functions. We also host a variety of smaller scale events focused on many specific aspects of Tech, such as Digital Marketing and Healthtech. STA organizes an annual trip to San Francisco over winter break to connect with prominent companies in Silicon Valley. Throughout the semester, we also organize on-site visits at technology companies across the city, giving students a chance to learn more about target companies and connect with people who work there.  STA hosts social events build our community  of full and part-time MBA students throughout the semester. Events include happy hours and trips to see the latest Star Wars movie!
  • I’m interested in startups, should I still join STA?

    Yes! Though the Entrepreneur and Startup Association of Stern (ESA) focuses more closely on startups, STA has valuable resources here as well. We plan events that cover the span of Tech in New York, much of which is also around the startup community. Our events provide knowledge about the industry at large, and are a great way to connect with other students who share your interest in tech. We also partner with the ESA on a variety of events, so you will have plenty of opportunities to network across both clubs.
  • Are there any STA events I can attend as a prospective student?

    Yes. Reach out to the Admissions Office to ask about events that you are welcome to attend. Many of our events are open to prospective students, including most events in our annual Stern Tech Week. You can reach them at


If you are a prospective MBA candidate interested in learning more about STA, please email Leah Ross, STA VP of Admissions.