(Events are subject to change)

MonDAY, 11/12/18

Tech Week Kickoff

The 9 Series with Stern Professors (12:00 - 1:20pm, KMC: 2-60) — A continuation of the 9 Series to hear from Stern professors discussing emerging technology themes and innovations.

Fireside Chat with Yann LeCun (4:30 - 5:50pm, KMC: 2-60) — Come listen to a fireside chat with Facebook’s Chief AI Scientist and NYU Professor Yann LeCun. The discussion will be moderated by NYU Stern and Center for Data Science professor Vasant Dhar. Themes to be discussed will be the role and organization of science and advanced technology organizations within companies, the relationship with academic research, and the role of AI in recent and future technological transformations.

TueSDAY, 11/13/18

Topics in Tech: Expert Discussions on TechnologY Trends

Automobiles and The Future of Transportation (12:00 - 1:20pm, KMC: 2-60) — A panel to discuss how technology is reshaping automotive transit. Includes an examination of trends such as electrification, shared mobility, and autonomy, as well as a discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing new automotive paradigms. We will also focus on how any future automotive mobility model will be affected by urbanization and sustainability considerations.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics (4:30 - 5:50pm, KMC: 1-70) — A panel discussion to help illuminate how machine learning and predictive analytics can help drive bottom-line results, enable better decision making, and facilitate business applications across multiple industries. What technologies and systems underlie predictive algorithms and what significant changes should we expect in the future? This discussion will look at current and future limitations of predictive modeling and will touch on privacy issues.

WedNESDAY, 11/14/18

Stories in Tech: Lifecycle Case Studies from Startup to Maturity

Founder Stories: Launching My Company (in partnership with ESA) (8:00 - 9:00am, @ KMC: 1-70) — A panel featuring the founders of growing tech companies, including Reham Fagiri of AptDeco, Patrick Schmitt of FreeWill and Max Niederste-Ostholt of Rally Rd. 

The panelists will discuss how they came up with and validated their business ideas, what was required to find product-market fit, and what challenges they have faced growing their companies. The panelists will also provide advice for aspiring tech founders.

PM Stories: Launching a New Product (12:00 - 1:20pm, KMC: 2-60) A panel featuring product managers and product marketing managers from Amazon, Asana, Google and Squarespace. 

Panelists will discuss their influence in managing the launch and growth of a significant product and what skills were most critical for success. They will also provide advice for aspiring product managers and product marketing managers.

VC Stories: Profile of a Successful Investment (in partnership with ESA) (4:30 - 5:50pm, KMC: 2-60)A discussion featuring venture capitalists that have a track-record of investing in tech startups, including Julian Counihan, founder of Schematic Ventures, Steve Schlafman, partner at Primary Venture Partners, and Claire Fauquier, Principle at Corigin Ventures.

This discussion will focus on investment philosophies, key attributes of a successful portfolio company, ways to create competitive advantage as a tech investor, and the most important qualities required for succeeding in the field. The panelists will also provide career advice for aspiring venture capitalists.

Tech Networking Night (Must be a Tech Week ticket holder + Stern MBA/alum to attend)

Thursday, 11/15/18

Society & Tech: Perspectives on Global Topics, Social Impact & Diversity

FinTech and Financial Inclusion (in partnership with FTA) (8:00 - 9:00am, KMC: 1-70) A panel discussion on how FinTech is enabling greater financial inclusion. Will discuss technologies and business models that are increasing access to financial products and services. Will look holistically at the current state of financial inclusion and discuss what future systems and FinTech advancements are needed.

The Global Landscape of Technology (12:00 - 1:20pm, KMC: 2-60) A panel discussion about a variety of global topics that need to be considered by technology leaders. The discussion will focus on challenges associated with international expansion, and technology opportunities outside the US.

Career Stories with Ellenore Angelidis (4:30 - 5:50pm, KMC: 2-65) Come hear from Amazon executive and published author Ellenore Angelidis as she discusses her career journey.

FRIDAY, 11/16/18

Experiencing Technology Leadership: a TECH WEEK CASE COMPETITION

Tech Week Business Analytics Case Competition (in partnership with BAC) (10:00am - 3:00pm) BAC and STA are pleased to partner with Tableau for a business analytics case competition on November 16! In today’s world, harnessing business data at scale is crucial to drive innovation and maintain a competitive advantage. As a result, experience with data visualization and business intelligence is seen as a valuable skill across industries such as consulting, marketing and technology.

The Business Analytics Case Competition is a unique opportunity for students to learn Tableau directly from their training team as well as apply these skills in a business scenario. Winners will receive exciting prizes and bragging rights! Teams (3-6 individuals) will receive the case materials on Friday, November 16 at 10:00 AM, develop a solution, and present to our panel of judges. A virtual training will be held on November 8 before the event. Buy a Tech Week ticket or sign-up for the Business Analytics Club in order to participate!